Can we have as many ASCII import wizard formats in different database in Amibroker?


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Right now i’m have two databases one for EOD and the other for IntradayEOD. When i created the EOD database in the ASCII import wizard i selected Trading Symbol, Date, Open, High, Low, Close, Volume & Open Interest. For the IntradayEOD i use a small plugin to backfill the files which is in the format Ticker, Date, Open, High,Low, Close, Volume & Open Interest.

Now i would like a create a new database for IEOD were the data will be pulled from Zerodha Pi from were we can get 90 days IEOD. But once this data is pulled out the CSV file will look in the format Date Time,Open,High,Low,Close & Volume. I will be separating the date & time then the format will look like this date,time,Open,High,Low,Close & Volume. My question is if i create a new ASCII Import wizard with the new settings will it affect my other databases. Is there any other way to pull Zerodhai Pi IEOD data to amibroker do let me know ok.

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One database settings do not effect other databases.
In ASCII import wizard you can save settings separately for every database.
Congratulations on coming so far with your learnings :slight_smile:


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