Section-2 Coding Technical Indicators[Python Course]


2.1 Coding Moving Averages


Stockcharts School: Moving Averages
attached code shown in video

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(1)If you are absolutely new to programming, and
(2) feel intimidated by the programming skills required to code strategies in Python,
Then, it is recommended to use Amibroker for algo trading, rather than Python.
MACrossPlot.txt (1.79 KB)



Stockcharts School: Moving Averages
Attached code shown in video.
MACDPlot.txt (1.82 KB)



Statsmodels: adfuller
Rmath: ADF Test
Quintuitive: Trading Autocorrelation
Blog: Long Term Memory
Codes shown in video are attached.
StationarityTestLogDifferential.txt (1.69 KB)
StationarityTests.txt (1.65 KB)



Stockcharts: RSI Indicator
Stockcharts: Bollinger Bands
Wikipedia: Zscore
codes shown in video are attached.
ZScorePlot.txt (1.94 KB)
BBandPlot.txt (1.84 KB)
RSIPlot.txt (1.73 KB)



Wiki: Candlesticks
Code shown in video is attached.
Candlestick.txt (1.16 KB)


HI I am trying to use the python course.
I am getting ERROR:
No module named pyalgotrade.strategy

where do i get these modules for execution?



You need to install pyalgotrade module as explained in section 1 of this course


Hello Guys,

this is my first time playing with the MA Cross plot. I need help to rectify below issue, is there anyone, who can assist with the error code below

From what I understand looks like some error in importing correct libraries, but need help to sort it our immediatly


Hello trade4rohit,
Have you got the issue resolved for Import package error?I am getting the same error.Team kindly help us.



Hi, you have not installed the pyalgotrade library. You can pip install it as per course.


my code is showing an error of directory
rror running ‘scratch’: Cannot run program “C:\Users\khushank\PycharmProjects\untitled\venv\Scripts\python.exe” (in directory “C:\Users\khushank.PyCharmCE2018.3\config\scratches”): CreateProcess error=2, The system cannot find the file specified


Please share like to the Python course.