Usage of TimeFrameExpand with custom arrays in amibroker



  1. I have a custom array that has only three values, -1,0,1 for the length of the barCount. The position of -1,0,1 are random. This array is created in in Daily time frame using TimeFrameSet() method.
  2. After TimeFrameRestore, In 15 Minutes, I’m using TimeFrameExpand to expand this array and Plot it in the same 15 minutes.

The Plot always returns 0 for the array(Created in Daily Timeframe) in 15 minutes. However, if the timeframe of the chart is changed to Daily, the Plot works properly.

I had created an example and there the Plot works in all the timeframes.

Any particular reason for the same? How can I fix it?


Hello Experts,
Found the issue. It was a logical error. Took 3 days to identify the cause!